Thursday, May 14, 2009

Review: Pelikan Ink Roller


Length capped: 5-1/8 inches
Length uncapped: 4-11/16 inches
Length posted: 5-7/8 inches
Diameter: approx. 3/8 inch on the grip
Weight with short standard international cartridge: 0.305 oz
Weight of short standard international cartridge: .03 oz
Weight of long standard international cartridge: .07 oz.

I ordered this only because the line was supposed to be finer than that laid down by the Kaweco Sport ink roller, discovering that line width for ink rollers is strongly dependent on the ink used. Using the short cartridge that came with one of my Kaweco fountain pens, the line is just as broad as that made by the Kaweco ink roller.

The pen is utilitarian in appearance with a black plastic cap and a translucent dark turquoise barrel (other barrel colors are available). The clip is plastic and feels like it would break if handled carelessly, but makes a nice, clear, sharp, clicking sound that I enjoy when I play with it.

The grip section is ridged which isn't comfortable especially because I have to use more pressure than with the Kaweco. Unfortunately, it often skips if I don't.

The long cartridge supplied is solid, not translucent, so I'm not likely to use it because I like to see my ink levels and I have other empty cartridges I can use when the short cartridge is empty.

All in all, I don't like this pen. The Kaweco Sport ink roller is much better.

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