Saturday, November 12, 2011

Micro Survival Kit

Before I get too carried away working on my Mobile Survival Kit, I thought I should document my Micro and Mini Survival Kits. This post is about my Micro Survival Kit.

Ideally, everyone should carry the bare essentials with them all the time as Every Day Carry (EDC) items which may be a challenge due to size and weight. However, when I carry my wallet-on-a-string type of purse that includes a pen pocket, cell phone pocket, and clip-on cross-body strap, I found I am able to cover all of my Fifteen Essential Systems although some items have to be worn, hand-carried, or left in the car as follows:

1. NAVIGATION - luminous compasses. These are on my key rings.

2. PERSONAL ATTIRE - Sun glasses with retainer cord, winter or sun hat/cap/visor, bandanna/Neckbandoo/scarf/neck gaiter, poptop mittens/gloves, shawl/sweater/jacket/coat, footwear, Cascade II poncho with DIY ties. Depending on the season, these are worn, stashed into pockets, or left in the car depending on the day's weather.

3. HYDRATION - Water bottle/thermal bottle & insulated carrier with shoulder strap. This is carried or left in the car.

4. SHELTER - Folding umbrella and poncho which has corner loops so it can easily be rigged as a tarp. When the weather is so iffy that I want to carry my umbrella with me, I hook it onto my waistband with a belt clip commonly used for keys so I can carry the umbrella hands-free.

5. COMMUNICATION - Fox 40 Mini whistles on key rings, LEDs on key rings (same as 7. ILLUMINATION), cell phone, Trekker Space pen, and calling cards which may be written on the back to leave notes or used to help start a fire (same as 6. FIRE). The Trekker comes with a metal split ring which I hook onto one of the strap clips of my purse. My calling cards fit into the wallet part of my purse. The cell phone goes into the cell phone pocket of my purse, but if I ever want to put more things in the cell phone pocket than I already have there, I could clip the phone onto my waistband.

6. FIRE - Spark-Lite firestarter, fresnel lens magnifier (same as 10. REPAIR AND TOOLS), calling cards (same as 5. COMMUNICATION). The Spark-Lite goes into the pen slot of my purse and the fresnel lens fits into a credit card slot in the wallet.

7. ILLUMINATION - a Garrity key ring LED on each key ring (same as 5. COMMUNICATION).

8. NUTRITION - P-51 can opener and Ekco Pocket Boy folding can punch and bottle cap lifter on key ring. This purse is too small to hold a snack.

9. FIRST AID KIT - Chapstick, floss, pill fobs with antacids and allergy pills, (1) Wet Ones. The Chapstick is held by a Leashable clipped onto my key ring. The floss and Wet Ones fit into the cell phone pocket. The pill fobs go on the clips of the purse's strap.

10. REPAIR AND TOOLS - ResQMe, fresnel lens magnifier (same as 6. FIRE), Swiss Army Classic knife with scissors, file, tweezers, toothpick; newer models have a screwdriver on the end of the file. The ResQMe and SAK are on one of my key rings.

11. DOCUMENTATION - Driver's license, In Case of Emergency card, library and other membership cards.

12. FINANCES - Cash and credit/debit cards are in the wallet. Store discount tags are on a key ring. My check book now stays at home, but fits into a larger purse-on-a-string that I own should I want to have it with me.

13. TRANSPORTATION - Primarily my wallet-on-a-string purse and key rings unless worn or left in the car as noted above. If my clothing does not have a pocket, I can clip my key rings onto the purse's strap.

14. ENTERTAINMENT - My Kindle has to be carried separately when I use this set-up.

15. SECURITY - Fox 40 Mini whistles on key rings (same as 5. COMMUNICATION).

For your own Micro Survival Kit, before you tackle the other systems, I recommend you first figure out how to carry a safety whistle, a compass, a knife (check your local and state laws to ensure you do not carry a knife that is illegal), items to make a fire and hold water even if they are as simple as a disposable lighter, pocket lint for tinder, and a quart zip bag for a canteen; and a light which can be used for signaling as well as to see in the dark.

[Updated on 1/1/12 to add Pocket Boy.]

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