Friday, November 11, 2011

Another Two Weeks Gone

First, my appreciation goes to all veterans for their service to our country. Thank you and all the best to you on Veterans Day!

In my last post, I mentioned an Audible book French language course waiting to be downloaded via Wi-Fi to my Kindle. I went to the library and downloaded it, but nothing was there although it said I was at the 100% point when I opened it. Oh, well. I didn't order it and don't care enough about it to contact Customer Service after having heard the sample.

I went ahead and ordered a Sansa Fuze by SanDisk because of the longer battery life compared to the Clip+ and Clip Zip and its ability to play videos. I immediately loaded it with my MP3 Bible and road trip mix as soon as it arrived and was charged. Plugging old mini speakers from a cassette recorder into the Fuze, I enjoyed listening to it while shopping for a couple of knives for my Preparedness kits.

Having decided on Benchmade knives more than a year ago because of the company's excellent reputation for high-quality knives, I decided it was time to settle on the models and placed my order on Monday.

For a sheath knife, I chose the Rant, model #515, drop point, plain edge, and am very pleased to have gotten it below retail price from a Marketplace Seller on Amazon. It should be delivered next week.

For a folder, I selected the model 511H2O Griptilian in orange so it's easy to spot, modified drop point, also plain edge, also below retail price, which arrived yesterday morning in excellent condition from Outfitter Country, a different Amazon Marketplace Seller. I really like how easy it is to open and how it feels in my hand. After attaching a wrist lanyard with a mini cord lock so it can't fall very far like in the movie, "127 Hours," I slipped it into my Mobile Survival Kit.

But, I keep taking it out to play with it, it's that nice.

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