Friday, June 5, 2009

Kudos to the USPS!

FedEx called me on Tuesday because they couldn't deliver a gift I was sending to a friend's graduating senior. To his credit, the driver knocked on a couple of doors trying to locate the recipient.

I checked my address book and it was the same. However, the house numbers in that area have only three digits, not four. I finally thought to check the thank you note I received from a gift sent to that home last year and, sure enough, there were only three digits; the third being completely different from the third and fourth digits of the house number that I had.

In hindsight, I should have verified the return address last year with what I had in my address book, but since the family hadn't moved and since I had purchased other gifts online that were delivered there before, it didn't occur to me.

How did the other gifts get there?

I puzzled over it until I remembered that the companies I bought from previously liked to use USPS to ship small packages. Evidently, the mail carrier recognized the family name, ignored the incorrect house number, and delivered my gifts safely.

<cheering and applause>
Kudos to the USPS!

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