Thursday, June 3, 2010

Recipe: Fruit Juice Soda

Getting tired of soda's sugary sweetness two years ago but unable to resist it through the heat of summer, I eventually realized what refreshes me are the bubbles of carbonation.

Unfortunately for some, plain carbonated water, even chilled and iced, may be an acquired taste. It was for me.

As an alternative to squeezing in a wedge of lemon or lime for flavor, I made up a recipe for Fruit Juice Soda (serves one):

1. Fill 12 oz. glass with ice cubes.

2. Fill half way with fruit juice of choice or empty a 6-7 oz. box of juice into the glass. My favorite juices for Fruit Juice Soda are apple, fruit punch, and grape.

Tip: If you use a box of juice, enlarge the hole as much as possible, then squeeze the box to make the juice flow more easily.

3. Fill the rest of the glass with Seltzer (plain carbonated) water.

4. Give a quick stir to help blend the juice with the fizzy water, but not much or you'll lose too many bubbles; once or twice around the glass is enough.


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