Friday, January 14, 2011

Paint Job

My love affair with my Kindle continues.

Examining my keypad, I noticed that the arrows on the five-way controller as well as the letters E, T, I, O, A, H, L, and the arrow on the shift key are starting to fade. Since I was aware this happens on some graphite units, not the white units, before I bought my Kindle and bought it anyway, it doesn't bother me.

Following the advice of others who didn't want to return their Kindles for this mild cosmetic issue, I painted all my keys with clear nail protector after removing the excess fluid from the brush. One woman wrote that she used a toothpick instead of the brush that came with her clear nail polish to make sure none of her polish would overflow the buttons and ruin her Kindle.

Losing the arrows on the five-way controller isn't anything to me, but I'm not so good a typist, much less a thumb-typist, that I can afford to lose the letters. I plan to repaint when the shine wears off to ensure the letters remain as long as possible.

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