Friday, February 6, 2009

Entering Politics

There are currently a whopping 78 tabs open in my Firefox browser. This is because I was researching a couple of things and got sidetracked by the McCollum Memo that supposedly proves that President Franklin D. Roosevelt instigated Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor to give the United States a reason to enter World War II.

I say "supposedly" because I didn't read the memo. I went off on another sidetrack about how and why the several presidents since FDR lied to us to get the U.S. into wars including the former President Bush with the events of 9-11.

From there, I read about how the U.S. meets all of the 14 points of fascism (you may look it up for yourself as well as the McCollum Memo), ending up at a prediction that we'd be under a soft dictatorship by the end of Bush's second term.

Well, we're past that point and everyone can decide for themselves where we stand. What concerns me is the assertion that both the Democratic and Republican parties want the same thing, a fascist state instead of a republic, and that they use the same tactics to move the U.S. closer to that goal. The only thing they're in discord about is which party is in power.

I don't agree with all of the "evidence" the websites present to support that we're turning toward fascism because some are subject to interpretation. However, limiting the First Amendment in regards to free speech, chopping away at the Second Amendment by making it difficult for law-abiding citizens to bear arms, and dispatching with due process as stated in the Fifth Amendment are definite departures from our Bill of Rights and as such are unconstitutional.

Now that Barack Obama is our president, winning the election with his promise for change, what will we see? Will it be more of the same slide away from the ideals that made the United States of America one of the nations to which people most want to emigrate or will we see a return to the foundation that made us a great nation?

You see, no president has ever needed a contract with the people because the Constitution is that contract and the President accepts it when he swears to "...preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States" upon taking office.

I also can't help wondering if people allow bad laws to pass because they're not paying attention to what their lawmakers are doing or if it's because they don't accept responsibility for the consequences of their personal choices, including the decision to follow God or not.

The other question I have is what actor looks enough like President Obama to portray him in the movies?

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