Sunday, March 22, 2009

An Invitation to a Tea Party

It's occurred to me that Obama promised change, only change, not change for the better.

General similarities between Obama and Fidel Castro also occurred to me although Castro did promise change for the better. The similarities between the two leaders are that both were educated in private schools, went to law school, and became involved in politics. Both were elected to a lower office before running for the highest elected position in their countries, Castro to Cuba's House of Representatives and Obama to the U.S. Senate. Both pressed for advancement of their socialist agendas.

We've seen how Cuba's fared with even chickens being rationed when once they could be purchased at will and without limit. Are Americans willing to give up buffalo wings for the so-called greater good?

I don't think we should and I don't even like buffalo wings.

Although Obama might claim that he's not a socialist, one only has to look at what he's pushing. Sure, it's not hard to agree that money has to be spent to get the economy going, but the government is out of line when it decides how to spend what little money we may have left when we can do it ourselves.

There's a movement calling for citizens to mail the tag off of the string of a teabag to the White House with a note saying that it's in protest of the bloated budget. Participants should mail the teabag labels on April 1, 2009 to provide enough time for mailing and screening for the tags to reach President Obama on April 15, when taxes are due.

If you received the email encouraging you to mail a teabag, not the tag, please ignore it and send only the label at the end of the string. For one thing, the email says that the New American Tea Party conducted a survey with the implication that it endorses mailing a teabag. Not only is that not true, the group has its own tea parties in mind in which you may also participate. For another thing, there are too many problems associated with mailing a teabag in an envelope through the USPS and it will cost more than the regular postage stamp that the email states.

So, please take a few minutes to detach the label from the string of a teabag and write a note. For example:

"Dear President Obama,

In protest of the overly bloated budget, I've enclosed a label from a teabag as a token and reminder of the original Boston Tea Party and its purpose as well as effect on American history.

[your signature]"

Address the envelope to:

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, D.C. 20500

and mail it on April 1 or shortly after so it's sure to reach Obama by April 15. If you don't drink tea or prefer to protest by email, the President's email addy is:

It's going to be interesting to see how it all works out. Will the grassroots protest over the budget accomplish it's purpose as a wake-up call? Or will Obama's presidency merely serve to teach those who voted for him that President Bush wasn't as bad as the media made him out to be?

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