Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stem Cell Research

Well, yesterday, Obama opened the door to federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. There's no good reason behind his decision to heed the hounds of hell because there are lots of non-controversial stem cells available in umbilical cords that are usually discarded.


Wait a minute.

What if embryonic stem cell research is the only way they could think of to get rid of all those extra, unwanted, frozen embryos that resulted from artificial insemination? Yes, that's certainly a nasty can of worms that wasn't anticipated beforehand.

And, which part of the tax stimulus is going to pay for the additional funding? Oh, excuse me. The stimulus doesn't work that way?

Okay, try this on for size - we can expect our taxes to be raised to pay for it in addition to the already grossly-bloated budget that lays a tax burden on us for decades to come.

That's right, people are hurting for money and our government is solving the problems besetting the economy by increasing funding for pork and controversial items instead of looking at reasonable alternatives or doing without. Is that how the government is going to create jobs and pull us out of the mess we're in by further increasing the national debt instead of by balancing the budget and lightening our burden of taxes so we really get to keep more of the money we make and can stimulate the economy of our own volition?

I'm contemplating calling what's going on an "Obamination."

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