Friday, March 26, 2010

Score! (Boonie)

Back in November 2006 when I was dodging the horrendous rain storms of the Pineapple Express as I drove down the coast of the Pacific Northwest, I often found myself in drizzle that was too light for more than a windbreaker yet heavy enough to dampen my hair more than I liked whenever I got out of the car for however short a period.

Stopping at the Tillamook Sporting Goods store in Oregon that had just reopened after the town's flooding, I bought a camouflage boonie hat that turned out to be perfect as I continued down the coast except for the color.

Black is much better for attending the opera in San Francisco!

As a result, I used my umbrella until I was away from the departing opera crowd, then pulled my boonie from my coat pocket which proved itself much better than the umbrella because of the windy conditions.

After that experience, though I searched and searched from store to store in various places, I couldn't find a black boonie that didn't have a company logo.

In 2008, still wanting a black rain hat, from an online discount store which name has slipped my mind, I bought a TW5SS Soft Shell Winter Hat made by Tilley Endurables that is fabulous for winter and has garnered me compliments, but is too warm for other seasons. (Mine, being an older model than currently shown in the online catalog, doesn't have the reflective trim.)

I also bought a TWP1 Waterproof Nylon Hat that, while a great rain & shade hat that packs flat, requires me to either wear it or leave it behind in my room since it doesn't roll and fold up small enough to jam into my pocket as a wear-when-needed hat like my boonie.

The other day, I happened upon a small military surplus store. A clean, tiny, cubbyhole compared to the other military surplus stores I've visited with their long, dusty, shelves, this one is jammed packed with circular clothing racks full of military uniforms.

Hanging in a corner of the back wall is a small assortment of boonie hats by Rothco, including black in my size. Thinking that I can wear it as is or feminize it by adding a scarf, I saw that it costs only US$12.95, less than the other boonies I've seen that range in price from $15-$25.


Additionally, there are two baskets in the glass showcase that were full of P-38 and P-51 can openers. Should I ever need to buy another P-51, this store is another local source having the reasonable price of $1.00 each.


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