Friday, April 2, 2010

Boonie Update

During the torrential downpour early this morning, I donned my boonie and Cascade II rain poncho from Campmor, tucking the hood inside the neckline of the poncho to test my new hat, and walked across the street and back.

Happily, only a small spot on the top of my head got slightly damp. The brim kept the rain off my face and neck quite nicely and the comfortable chin cord prevented the hat from blowing away.

After returning indoors and removing my rain gear, I placed my fists inside the boonie to stretch it before setting it over an upside-down pot to dry. It took all day because it's cotton; I occasionally stretched it again to keep it from shrinking.

In conclusion, the boonie performed as well as I hoped it would under the conditions. Even so, I'm going to apply a silicone water-resistant spray to ensure my head stays dry under the worst conditions although I really should remain indoors if it rains as hard as it did this morning.

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