Friday, August 26, 2011

Losing Faith

I believe in preparedness. I really do. I have, however, hit the wall.

It started innocently with my contemplating using a waist pack instead of my hiker's survival necklace so I could add a Space Blanket and have my camera and wallet immediately accessible...and safe should I happen to get separated from my backpack.

Next, I thought how convenient it would be to keep that waist pack in my car within reach so I may quickly grab it if I had to.

Then, I read a story about how a man parked at a scenic lookout, got out to enjoy the view, and fell down the hill. Unable to return to his car, he lay shivering for hours until a patrol car stopped to investigate what a vacant car was doing there in the dark. If he had a mini survival kit in a waist pack on his person, the man would have been able to cover himself with a Space Blanket and blown his safety whistle to let others know he needed help.

So, okay. I can accept having a mini survival kit on my person at all times, can't I? At ALL times? Like when I'm running in to the Post Office? Like when I'm at Wal-Mart?

What about when I attend the opera???

Maybe I wouldn't use a waist pack so much as a larger purse except I don't want to use a larger purse. Ugh.

Maybe I really only need a survival pack along the lines of other people's Get Home bag which is a small evacuation kit intended to have just enough supplies for a person to make it home safely from work which could be part of a car survival kit.

After all, what are the chances of my needing a survival kit closer than my car while I'm in town amongst other people? It isn't as though I'm a man with all those pants pockets in which to store things. I'm lucky if my skirts have any pockets at all.




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