Saturday, August 20, 2011

Within Arm's Reach

Still too hot to spend much time outside, I spent this past week refining my car kit by buying a couple of plastic Sterilite CD bins to stack in a rear passenger's foot well where I may easily access the contents from the driver's seat so I don't have to open the car door and let warm air escape in order to get a few items that may save my life or assist in my being rescued. The bins take up nearly half of the foot well, but since I usually have no more than two passengers, a third passenger would rarely be inconvenienced or I could put the bins in the trunk.

One bin contains a lighter, matches, ferrocerium rod, candles, hand-warmer packs, light sticks (increased from two to four), Space Blanket, plastic tubing in case I have to siphon water, and 30' of surveyor's tape in case I go searching for water, so I can find my way back and so SAR knows which way I went.

The other bin contains some of my hygiene and nutrition supplies: plastic cutlery set, citrus peeler, can opener, salt & pepper, floss, Shout towelettes, my Freshette, toilet tissue, toilet seat covers, baby powder (a new addition inspired by this record-breaking heat), hand-cleaning wipes, baby wipes, No Rinse body wash and shampoo, Campsuds, and insect sting relief.

The danger in having my hygiene supplies within arm's reach is that I might use and not replace them in time for a survival situation.

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